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Advance Keylogger

Advance Keylogger

Advance Keylogger is responsible for recording system and internet activities with the additional feature to capture Windows screenshots at regular time interval. Utility secretly records overall internet activities (including typed URLs, accessed websites, voice chat conversation, sent mails, login id, passwords, temporary files, cookies etc) and system activities (including startup time, system sound settings, time setting modifications etc) in best manner. Advanced keylogger with log email and screen recording record keyboard typed activities characters keystroke recorder tool capture desktop screenshots.

Software runs in the background as hidden system process and traces all or specific user activities performed on your PC while you are away. Spy key logger utility provides fast installation and convenient interface and works invisibly in stealth mode so that any outsider can’t detect keylogger installation on your PC.

Advance key logger maintains the log of all recorded activities and facilitates to send/upload log files via E-mail and FTP Server settings. Award winning utility serves the purpose of monitoring the employee’s computer systems in the Companies or Organizations or Industries and keeps track on employee activities over internet. Software is also helpful for home, companies, cyber cafes, computer coaching institutions etc.

Price: $49
2 PC License
5 PC License
10 PC License
Corporate License
Advance Keylogger

Advanced Features:

  • Records all PC and internet activities in encrypted log file.
  • Facilitate to send/upload log files via E-mail and FTP Server settings.
  • Helpful in capturing Desktop screenshots at regular interval of time.
  • Records every typed keystroke and clipboard contents.
  • Facilitate to generate report of recorded data in .txt or .html file format.
  • Allows user to view only printing keystrokes.
  • Works in stealth mode and is invisible to the user thus helpful in tracking all the activities performed on your PC in your absence.
  • Facilitate to set hot keys or run command to access the application if it runs in hidden mode.
  • Hidden software bypasses all anti-virus software tools.
  • Facilitate to keep backup of every log after completing the specified log size.
  • Facilitate with ‘Set password’ feature so that unauthorized user cannot access the software.